Mondial Roadside Application

Mondial Roadside Application

Because you are our important customer, we provide you a convenient way to reach our assistance plus other useful information.

When you need roadside assistance, just open this app and simply push the button “Start Assistance”. Then, give us your problem, location, licensed plate, and your membership info. Your data will be sent to our service center. Our staff will then coordinate with technician to reach you immediately. You can check real time status and location of our technician via the app. The app also provide you useful information about roadside like your best friend when you drive.

  • “Live Traffic” Real time updated traffic information, help you to avoid traffic jam and reach your destination quicker
  • “Around Me” Interesting place around you, how to get there, with many categories i.e. gas station, bank, hospital, restaurant and so on
  • “Find My Car” Save your car location when you park, no worry to remember it

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